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New Applications

Postby Belteyn » Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:57 am

Recruitment status

** Recruitment Closed **

Minimum requirements

Everyone wanting to join us should first read our Guild Charter and additional Division Rules.

Please make sure that you have read both and 100% agree to abide by them before applying. Joining this guild and then complaining about our policy is not acceptable. If you have any questions or uncertainties then please contact a Guild Leader or Guild Officer and chat with us first. It is just as important that we are right for you as you are for us!

In addition please be clear:

  1. Your Main character needs to be Level 60+ with a combined AP/DP of 490+ exceptions can be made on a individual basis
  2. Link a screenshot of your gear into the application
  3. Your focus must be PvP, specifically node/territory wars, GvGs and open world PvP
  4. We expect medium to high activity and minimum 2-4 node war attendance per month
  5. You must be able to use voice comms (Discord) during events (mic required)
  6. We are a guild for European timezone players only (UTC+3/4 max)
  7. We are a guild for mature adults (18+) only.

Application steps

If you already a Lux member you do NOT need to continue, just use the Lux Members Signup thread.

If you wish to make an application to join us please do the following:

  1. Register on this website (you can do so here)
  2. Fill out Guild Application Form for this game.

Note: If form does not work please just make new post with titles used in other previous applications.

Note: Please put your Family Name in Profile field on the form

How to get an invite in-game:

Whisper an officer in-game for an invite.

Note: Best time for this is after 7pm most nights - please be patient as we may be in the middle of something.

What happens next?

This division operates a trial recruitment system.

1. Assuming your application is approved you will be invited to the guild with the forum rank of Recruit.

2. After 4 weeks you will be asked to provide feedback about your time so far in Lux Arcana, to let us know how you're getting on and how you think we are doing. Once you have provided this, the Guild Officers will vote on whether you should be granted full membership of the guild. This decision will be based on your activity in-game, your willingness to get involved in the guild, feedback from other members and our overall impression of whether you fit in with us.

Invites to this guild is NOT guaranteed and we will turn down some applicants from time to time. If you are turned down please do not take it personally, and understand that we are being selective simply to look after the interests of our existing members and maintain the right balance of players in the guild.

Thank you.
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