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About Division

Postby Belteyn » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:27 pm

About Division

Lux Arcana has a long gaming history going back to 2004. Over the last 10 years we've played many top MMOs and been successful in most. Our strengths are good organisation, fairness and offering a long-term stable guild to progress in.

In Black Desert Online we are a PvP focused guild for dedicated players, but also players with real lives that can't play as much as those in hardcore guilds. Make no mistake, we still aim to achieve everything that the game has to offer, but we generally accept that we will get there a little more slowly than the very top guilds.

About us

  • We are (mostly :D ) mature gamers with real lives that can take priority over gaming
  • We are a very friendly and helpful guild with a clear set of rules. We take fairness very seriously.
  • We expect contribution and expect all members to help progress the guild
  • We are very organised with dedicated leadership

In-game activities

  • We currently have about 20+ members on-line most evenings and 10+ during the day
  • Our main focus is fighting 2-3 node wars per week
  • We do guild missions for boss tokens and scrolls
  • We always help each during the week with boss scrolls and other activities
  • We have at least 1-3 wars active at any one time


  • Your Main character needs to be min. Level 58+ (and 59+ after 1 month) with a combined AP/DP of 450+
  • Your focus must be PvP, specifically node wars, GvGs and open world PvP
  • Villa buffs are mandatory for Node Wars, as are blue party elixirs (Steel Defense, Human Hunt etc)
  • We expect medium to high activity and minimum 3 node wars attendance per month
  • You must be able to use voice comms (Discord) during events (mic required)
  • We are a guild for EU timezone players only (UTC+3/4 max)
  • We are a guild for mature adults (18+) only

Important: we are not a guild for solo players or people that just want a guild tag or chat room.

Contracts & Incentives

  • Everyone in the guild gets a rolling 30 day contract with a daily starting salary of 30k silver
  • Contracts renewed twice per month and salary increased if you attended 5+ node wars previous month (cap 960k)
  • We make one monthly % payout based on nodes we won in the previous month, with share based on attendance
  • We also make a second 10% monthly payout for players who have participated with cannons in node wars

How to join us

New Applications

If you have any questions please ask!

Thank you.
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