Hi Everyone !

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Hi Everyone !

Postby SayaViet » Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:26 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm Etienne, AkA Saya in game, and I will begin my first MMORPG this afternoon, The Elder Scrolls Online.
I'm looking for mates to play with me, help me discover the game, etc... Also, I'm from France but living in Uk for my studies, so I intend to speak English as much as possible, and I thought joining a clan could be a good idea !
( no, that's not an excuse for playing )

I'm a great fan of Skyrim, but I didn't play other Elder Scrolls (don't blame me please) and TESO will be my first MMORPG.
May I ask you some questions ?
I intend to play an 'Holy Archer', a bowman who kills in the shadows but who also can heal himself or his teammates.
First, is this kind of thing possible in TESO ?

Secondly, in Skyrim I used to play a Bosmer, but I may take a Breton this time. For magic resistance, and restoration school too. I have the explorer pack, so I can take both races and join the Daggerfall Covenant.
Any advices before I start ?

Thanks for reading me, I hope I'll see you in game !
Have a nice day !
Country: France (fr)

Re: Hi Everyone !

Postby Adreu » Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:28 pm

Hi Saya and welcome to Lux Arcana.

You should be OK since you are coming from Skyrim, but make sure to ask in game for any help you might need. In the meantime check out this site, which offers a lot of help when starting off. And their YouTube page is also helpful. Oh and don't forget to visit the recruitment pages to get yourself set up for ESO with Lux.

Good luck with ESO. :)


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Re: Hi Everyone !

Postby Aurie » Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:32 pm

Hi Saya,

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the world of MMORPGs. You will now be forever hooked. :)

Adreu has given you some useful links, so look forward to your application and seeing you ingame.

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