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Postby Somhan » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:50 pm


Main character

Tell us about your Main character in this game (unless you are a new player):

Somhan Leighfield. Magic damage titles, fire and necro.
Alt characters

Please list any other Alts you have in this game (unless you don't have any):


Please tell us about your achievements in-game e.g. progression, gear etc.. (high level players only):

I got archmage and fire intensify.
PVP skills

If you are applying for a game which has PvP in it, please tell us about your PvP abilities and experience:

Was a lot better before I got old. Now I see the appeal of tab target games.
Play days *

What nights of the week you are most often available for raids or groups:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Random
Play times *

What times are you usually online on those days?

6pm to 9pm est, throughout day on weekendds
Other Guilds *

What guilds have you been in (in all versions of this game) and what were your reasons for leaving each?

Jungle Kingdom. Left because they are a terrible clan.
Launceston. Left because the clan disbanded.
Reasons *

Please give your reasons for wanting to join Lux Arcana:

Seem organized from the videos I watched and looks like fun.
Referral *

How did you hear about Lux Arcana?

Videos on youtube
About you *

Please tell us a little a bit about yourself:

I like to play MMO's. Played original darkfall, hopefully now they figured out how to keep everyone from hacking and exploiting.
Charter *

Have you read our division or guild Charter and agree to comply with it?
Voice comms *

Are you able to use Discord?
Your age *

Are you 18 or over?
Lux Game Player
Country: United States (us)
I'm currently playing: Darkfall: New Dawn

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