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New Ark server

Postby Wyrm » Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:39 pm

Well, not exactly new. I am running it for month already.
So long only two ppl playing on it, but anyone from Lux is more than welcome to join.

Server setting:
Map - Aberration
Mods - S+, dino painter, super spyglass, 7 ECO mods
Server runs with fairly fast xp gain and fast resource gathering, to encourage more creative gameplay.

Technically server is PvP, but none of us currently interested in PvP. If several ppl who joined server would be interested in PvP, they are more than welcome to have some. Main custom rule of engament of mine pretty much is: "Don't enforce pvp on someone who don't want pvp".

If you want to join the server just PM me.
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