A week in Lux Arcana

To give everyone a feeling of what it is like in Lux Arcana, we present you with a short history of all the activities we did last week:


We usually start the week with some dungeon runs and last week was no different! These dungeon runs are part of our Dungeon Master events, where we aim for everyone to get the Dungeon Master achievement. We got three full groups together for Sorrow’s Embrace and each group completed two out of three explorable paths.

Grouping up at Sorrow’s Embrace Waypoint.

One of our groups inside Sorrow’s Embrace.


On Tuesdays we normally have a PvE exploration event, where we explore a zone with the guild and try to complete the entire map. This Tuesday however, we organized an entirely new type of event: the Annual Tyriathon! We had everyone create a new character, and ran all the way across Tyria, from to Rata Sum to Ebonhawke!

Tyriathletes assemble!

Almost halfway!


On Wednesday – or WvWvWednesday, as we like to call it – we have one of our two weekly WvW events. We form a small, nimble group and focus on quickly manoeuvring between various resource points and structures. Thanks to our excellent WvW leaders, we are always at the right place at the right time!

Assaulting a tower.

Claimed in the name of Lux Arcana!


We didn’t have a real event last Thursday, as it was the deadline of our first Tyria Wildlife Photo Contest! The humpback whale was the theme of this contest and you can find the three winning entries below. We can’t wait what to see what the entries will be for the next theme: running water!

Third place.

Second place.

First place.


Friday is our second dungeon night, and this time we had three full groups complete all three explorable paths of the Citadel of Flame dungeon! This was our eighth Dungeon Master event, so we have now visited all eight dungeons in the game, but we will of course continue organizing these events!

Getting ready for the last boss in the third path of the Citadel of Flames.


On Saturday we used to have our Fractals of the Mist events, with the goal of getting everyone to fractal level 10, so they could run the daily with the rest of us. With the recent patch however, it’s not necessary any more to be above level 10 to join, so instead we organized some more casual fractal runs!

Getting ready for the final boss in the colossus fractal!

One of the many groups that completed the fractal daily.


The events we have on Sunday can vary a lot. Since it is our most popular night to join events, we try to vary things up a bit. We have had zone completion events, events where we fight world bosses, jumping puzzle events, hide and seek events, … It is also the night where we organize our guild meetings on.

Last week however, we had a WvW event. This event was different from the event we had on Wednesday in that we were working together with other guilds on Gandara. This alliance allows us to overcome greater challenges. Together we assaulted Stonemist Castle in the Eternal Battlegrounds!

Calm before the storm.


The walls are breached!

They were putting up quite the resistance!

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    There’s always fun to be had! ^_^

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    wow…we seem to be a cool guild. ;-)
    so much fun stuff going on.

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    Where can sign up?! This guild is so much better then mine!

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    Looks like a great guild to be in :)

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    Who’s that “Reuca” guy in the first screenshot? He’s sooooo sexy.

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    Funny thing, i always though Reuca is a Girl :P
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    Yesterday in WvW your commander was amazing. GRZ

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