Bash the Dragon in Guild Wars 2

Time to bash Dragons! Guild Wars 2’s monthly update in June is the Dragon Bash; hearty folks from all across Tyria have gathered in Lion’s Arch to marvel at the fireworks, eat lots of candy, play Dragon Ball, defeat holographic monsters, bet on Moas, burn Effigies and smash the piñatas! A unique story quest involving a devious plot to ruin the celebrations has also been uncovered!


The Mystic Forge has received yet another festive reskin!

Dragon Ball is a new competitive arena where combatants battle it out to secure victory for their team. All normal abilities that you would have in the open world are disabled. Instead, you must obtain power-ups which unlock special moves which will give you an edge over your opponents. Launch pads will help you move quickly horizontally and vertically across the arena – something which is invaluable to successfully outwitting your enemies. Killing an enemy grants you 20 points: the first team to 500 points wins the match.


One of the several power-up orbs located around the arena.



One of the aforementioned steam launch pads.

Dragon Piñatas are found in every city and are stuffed with sweets. ArenaNet sent their own homemade piñatas to several major gaming press companies just before the Dragon Bash started. Quite tasty I heard.


Get smashing!

Moa Racing is a new craze taking over Lion’s Arch. Potential gamblers must choose 1 out of the 5 possible candidates in the race. Special Race Track Tokens are given to the people who bet on Moas who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd. For any of you High Rollers out there, it can actually give you quite a nice money return if you’re willing to take the risk!


My money is on the pink one. I think that Norn in the background may have sabotaged my racer though :(

Holographic Dragon Projectors can be activated in all the PvE adventure zones. Each projector spawns 4 mobs which can be Branded, Corrupted, Destroyer or Risen in suit with the 4 known dragons. Each one drops Zhaitaffy (candy) and has a chance to drop Dragon Coffers. The holograms that spawn scale to your level, so be prepared for a fight.


A picture of a sexy and brav… err me preparing for a fight near a hologram projector found in the world.

Finally, but certainly not least, are Dragon Effigies. You can burn these giant statues to gain a health boost and perform some smooth dance moves.


Set this fearsome foe on fire!

Oh and I nearly forgot – if you complete all the associated achievements you get a pair of schweet Shatterer Wings for a limited time only.


See you in Guild Wars 2 soon!

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    I just got my own wings because of your last screenshot! :P

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    You forgot the “thrilling” investigation where the only person you haven’t seen before amazingly turns out to be the guilty party :P I do like GW2 events generally though – I hope this one gets its own dungeon too next week.

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