Battle for Sunnyhill

On the afternoon of Saturday September 22 the valiant vanguard of Lux Arcana descended Baruch Bay borderlands to fight for the glory of Gandara. Under the inspirational (and sometimes suicidal) leadership of Maejohl and Agent Ziggie, Lux forces defended the Gandara holdings on the battleground against the vengeful Conquistadors from Baruch Bay and bloodthirsty Legions hailing from Fort Ranik.


With the arrival of reinforcements, a breakout from Dreadfall Bay was executed and Lux with the assistance of some militia forces from Gandara struck at the heart of Baruch Bay’s supply sources.

Beginning the assualt at the Faithleap quarry, where resistance was swiftly crushed, the force moved on to Titanpaw crossroads. Resistance at the crossroads was light and after a brief fight the forces of Gandara were able to take control of the area. The next objective was Foghaven mill but right before we arrived a large force of Fort Ranik successfully captured the mill. Greatly outnumbered by Fort Ranik attackers most of us were able to retreat back to the Gandara border stronghold, while a unlucky few were run down by the enemy and killed.


After regrouping at the Gandara border stronghold the Lux forces attempted and largly succeeded to enlist the aid of the  Quaggans from Deamonspell lake. After enlisting the aid of the Quaggans, an attempt was made to capture Cragtop tower from the enemy. But being attacked from two sides, while trying to take down the gate, our valiant forces were all but wiped out. After this massacre we had a short break to regain our strength and to regroup in the border stronghold.


The Assault:

Regrouped and resupplied we sallied out once again. Fort Ranik was attempting to assault Bluebrair tower and we where able to fall upon the attackers flank with a vengeance the spirits of ascalon are hard pressed emulate. Picking up reinforcements from all over Gandara we once again struck out north towards Faithleap quarry. After taking the quarry without encountering any resistance, the Gandara forces with lux in the vanguard attacked the Sunnyhill tower. At the time of our attack the forces of Baruch Bay and Fort Ranik were fighting it out at the Cragtop tower, where we had been wiped out earlier in the day. So, with the help of some flame rams we were able to take the tower in a few minutes.

Knowing the enemy would swiftly attempt to retake the Sunnyhill tower, we started to setup defences. Arrowcarts, Ballistas, Catapults and even two trebuchets were build to defend the tower. After several supply runs to Faithleap, we had build enough defences to last us a while and settled in for the imminent storm.

The Defence:

Wave after wave of Baruch Bay’s defenders crashed into the walls of Sunnyhill tower, but both the tower and Lux stood firm. Several times the enemy attempted to deploy catapults and ballistas and once they even succeeded in setting up a trebuchet. But all this equipment was quickly destroyed by our defences and the enemy did not stand a chance of taking the tower while we were defending it.

During a brief downtime in the attacks on the tower we decided to see if we could hit the Baruch Bay garrison with the trebuchet’s, as it turned out we could hit them and the decision was made to destroy the garrison outer wall in preparation for a assault. During this time the forces of Fort Ranik did not stand idly by. They had taken the Cragtop tower and were assaulting the garrison from the other side. This drew the defenders away from our side of the garrison, but a small force kept trying to retake our tower. After a while we had managed to take down a wall of the garrison and since we had been advertising the fact in chat there was a force ready to assault it as soon as the wall went down.

Lux took it upon themselves to hold the tower and we were able to do just that without any being in any danger since the enemy had bigger problems on their hands. The other Gandara troops managed to bring down one of the inner gates of the garrison and surprise its defenders by attacking from behind. After a brief but hard fight they were victorious and took control of the garrison. But there was one problem. There was a large Fort Ranik force already inside and trying to take down a inner gate of their own when Gandara took control of the garrison. So after the keep changed hands they were in the perfect position to take it away from the few troops we had in place to defend it. Several minutes after we had taken the garrison, Fort Ranik attacks took it away from Gandara control.

Baruch bay troops, enraged that the garrison was now also lost to them them attack both the garrison and Sunnyhill tower with renewed vigour  With Fort Ranik having taken the garrison the trebuchets in the Sunnyhill tower once again started up the bombardment of the garrison wall. Roles inside the garrison were now reversed, Fort Ranik troops were defending against attacks from Baruch Bay. While we were bombarding the wall, a small Fort Ranik force sallied from the garrison. In an attempt to destroy the trebuchets, they even managed to set up a catapult but all were destroyed in short order and the bombardment continued. All the while Baruch Bay forces were also attacking the tower from the other side of the garrison.

The walls were soon down again and a second attempt was made to take the garrison. This attack met with more resistance at the inner gate, but with the assistance of several alpha siege golem suits the gate was downed fast and the garrison was once again ours. This time we were able to clear out the garrison of all hostile elements and settled in for the imminent attack.

The Aftermath:

With both Sunnyhill and the garrison under our control we had firm control over this side of the battleground. Most of the fighting transferred to the other side of the map and since it was getting late, most of our troops returned to camp for a well earned rest.

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