Call to arms! Lux Arcana takes its first keep

We today claimed our first keep in the Desolation Borderlands map in World v World!

Well done everyone who was there – a really good time was had by all, with some amazingly fierce fights and great use of siege weapons.

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Comments (6)

  1. Belteyn at

    Good job guys!

  2. keegar at


    to top it off, we managed to get an orb in there now, too! So a server wide buff.. keep defending it :) :)

  3. zigzag
    zigzag at

    I solo’ed it.

  4. luculus
    luculus at

    Excellent. The first of many :)

  5. ivinedra
    ivinedra at

    Who is that scrubby guy standing infront of it?

  6. greybeard
    greybeard at

    nice one , i ll be coming to take it soon enough :)

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