*Spoilers* The end of Season 1

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Vinnt here, and I come bearing tidings (spoilers), some good and some really not so good. With “Battle for Lion’s Arch” update that was released at the start of the month, we finally entered the final battle against Scarlet…and won! That’s right, the evil witch is dead and her personal brand of chaos has been brought to an end. You can watch her final moments in this dramatic cutscene.


Ding, dong! The witch is dead!

Ding, dong! The witch is dead!


But wait…is that a dragon? Sure enough, the Elder Dragons are the prime evil in Guild Wars 2 but  since the demise of Zhaitan (which was a part of release) we haven’t seen hide nor scale of the five other dragons. It’s been a long time coming but it looks like we’re finally getting back to the real matter on hand. Judging from the path of light in the cutscene, the dragon we will be seeing next is Mordremoth, the Jungle Dragon. This is how the first season of the Living Story ended, the March 18th patch added a short Epilogue instance where you meet Belinda Delaqua, Marjory’s sister (Marjory is one of the main characters in the Living Story). In the ensuing conversation we are told Belinda is heaing out towards Brisban Wildlands to track some shady merhcants. I think these merchants are the ones that we have been told will trade Blade Shards (an item from the Lion’s Arch attack) for other items. More importantly though, Brisban Wildlands is in the Maguuma Jungle and this seems (in my opinion) to be a pretext for us finding out about Mordremoth’s awakening at the start of the next Living Story.


Concept art for Mordremoth (unused) by Kekai Kotaki

Concept art for Mordremoth (unused) by Kekai Kotaki


Lion’s Arch is now a regular city map again, meaning there are no hostile enemies or events but there are no services available at the moment either. The geography has changed and pieces of the Breachmaker are littered everywhere along with a few memorial sites where you can read some flavour text about what happened. There is also another portent of the  upcoming season 2 in the Lion’s Court, with the Breachmaker gone, there is now a Pact airship floating in the sky. At the courtyard near where the Gate Hub Plaza used to be, stands Laranthir of the Wild. Laranthir is a Vigil warmaster that featured in the characters Personal Storyline during the invasion of Orr. You can now speak to him and his dialogue suggests that the Pact will be getting involved soon. That’s fair enough, if a dragon has awoken then the Pact would want to know since fighting them is their purpose. I’m quite happy to see Laranthir again as the Pact was absent throughout the entire Scarlet arc and I like to see established NPCs getting used as opposed to thrown away  and forgotten. Finally, the first thing I noticed in Lion’s Arch when I logged in after the March 18th patch, was a new music track in the city, it’s a beautiful piece that really reflects the tragedy that has befallen the city, you can listen to it on ArenaNet’s Soundcloud page, Lion’s Arch Lament.

So that is it for the Living Story Season 1, it got off to a shaky start and the nature of releases changed a lot over the last year. It’s been a learning process for ANet and I think they’re getting better at it, I’m excited to see the start of Season 2. There’s a short break before it begins though and there is a large “feature patch” coming in April but I’ll make another post regarding that. Watch this space.



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    Great write-up, thanks!

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    Nice write up :) I do hope they start to focus more on more 4-30 person content in the future rather than solo or whole server. But nevertheless, the huge quantity and regularity of content really has set a new benchmark for all game studios IMO. And all paid for just by a non-pay2win gem store.

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