Escape from Lion’s Arch

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Vinnt here, with the latest on the happenings in the world of Tyria! Players familiar with the Living Story will know that the idea is to create a constantly changing game world and, since its inception, it has done this to varying degrees. The latest release, Escape From Lion’s Arch, brings the biggest change to the world to date. It is similar to the Tower of Nightmares release which added and subsequently destroyed a huge tower ruining the once beautiful landscape of Kessex Hills. However, this update differs in it’s scale as the target this time is Lion’s Arch, the central hub city in which players congregated to sell, craft and chat. This once bustling city has been transformed in to a warzone thanks to Scarlet Briar, the deranged Sylvari who has served as the nemesis of the players throughout season 1 of the Living Story (see the previous article for a brief LS summary).

With the invasion of Scarlet and all her minions from past releases, Lion’s arch has been taken unaware and burned to the ground. Where players once sat idly, they now scramble to rescue as many citizens as possible from the invading forces and the deadly miasma they have brought. Every hour at 4 minutes past the hour, players fight at one of three entrances to the city. After completing this short event they gain access to Lion’s Arch and the evacuation begins. Inside is now a dangerous place filled with scarlet’s armies that are fighting for control of the city against the few remaining Lionguard left in it. Players must prevent the enemy from deploying their deadly miasma as well as escort survivors out of the city whilst defending key locations to protect the evacuation routes. There’s lots of fighting  and lot’s of loot to be had.

Lion's Arch is not what it once was!

Lion’s Arch is not what it once was!

Aside from all the fighting, there’s also a fair amount of flavour dialogue to see, both inside Lion’s Arch and in the refugee camps outside the city. Rox and Braham are near the Gendarran Fields entrance, Marjory and Kasmeer can be found south of the Durmand Priory in Lornar’s Pass and finally Taimi is running around the camp next to the Vigil Keep. Be sure to hang around the camps for a bit if you enjoy listening to the dialogues, you can also find Heal-o-Tron (the golem formally known as Ho-Ho-tron, Hobo-tron and Job-o-Tron) trying to clear his name and making some kind of “arrangement” with Evon Gnashblade. Lastly, all the services that were in Lion’s Arch are currently in the Vigil Keep for the time being.

What is going to happen to Lion’s Arch next? We don’t know yet.

You can see just how much Lion’s Arch has changed in this video.

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