Feature Filled Part 2: A very large Wardrobe

As promised, here is the next part of my coverage on the April 2014 feature patch and it’s one I’m quite happy about. As someone who played LOTRO extensively in the early days (e.g Codemasters/pre-F2P) and who likes to play around with appearances, something Guild Wars 2 was missing for me was a cosmetic storage system. Which is strange considering GW2 is all about the cosmetics, yet any time you want to alter your appearance without changing stats you have to use a Transmutation Stone/Crystal. Doing so however, destroyed the old piece of equipment and you couldn’t get it back (until they introduced Tansmutation Spliters, irrelevant) so if you later changed your mind you had to repeat the process and destroy another piece of equipment. Luckily though, that’s changing in the upcoming patch when they will introduce the new Wardrobe system. Truthfully, it’s hard to get too excited about it since I consider it something that should have been present from day one, but you know, better late than never and I’m happy to be getting it at last.

So, how will it work? The new wardrobe will be part of your Hero panel UI, in which every armour and weapon skin in the game can be stored. You unlock those skins by accquirring them once and then doing one of a number of actions with them. Skins that you have equipped, are soulbound to you or that you salvage will be unlocked in the wardrobe to be used forever more (you can also right-click to unlock but this effectively binds the piece to you so you can’t then sell it to others).


 The Wardrobe UI

Of course, changing your appearance isn’t free (a B2P game with a cash shop full of purely optional items needs to make money somehow I guess). Each piece of equipment that you change the appearance of will cost one Transmutation Charge which replaces the current Stones/Crystals. Any Stones/Crystals/Splitters will be converted into Charges with the patch, so hold on to them. You can even do what a lot of players are doing and stock up on Transmutation Stones by doing map completion of the racial cities with your characters. Each map gives you three stones which will equal one charge, Crystals will be converted on a 1:1 basis and Transmutation Splitters are worth five charges. There hasn’t been any announcement as to how Transmutation Charges can be acquired so it is unknown if map completion will reward them at this time. Naturally the charges will be available in the Gem Store, though I am not aware of the prices.


Vinnt is ready for the change, 166 charges waiting.

In addition to the Hero panel UI where you will make any actual changes, a new tab is being added to the bank panel. This wardrobe tab will feature every skin attainable in the game, even the ones you haven’t unlocked yet. You can preview locked skins here which will make it easier for you to set goals and find out what you need to do to get the look you want.

You can read the associated blog post from the developers here, there is also a short video talking about it in the blog post.


With the introduction of the Wardrobe, another highly sought after change will make an appearance. That is, the change to Dyes. Currently, dyes are unlocked on a per-character basis, meaning if you want the same colour on two or more characters you either had to get the dye drop multiple times (pretty rare in the most sought after dyes) or buy the dye for each character. After the update, dyes will become account-wide and so all your characters can use all your dyes. This is particularly good news for me as I, being something of a collector, unlocked all the dyes that I got on my main character. Now my alts will have the benefit of my hoardi…uh, collecting.


Vinnt with his 277 dyes (not all shown) will finally share with his friends.

You can read about the details of the dye changes on the official site, here. The next, and final, article will cover changes to PvP/WvW and the new Megaserver. Until then!


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