Last stand at Dawn’s Eyrie

This event took us to the Underworld borderlands server, some of us took longer to get there than others, but we all managed to get on eventually. We were facing an endless stream of Underworld minions trying to defend their lands and legions of Abaddon’s underlings who where also trying to gain a foothold in these lands.


Moving out from the border area I linked up with the Lux force while it moved towards the borderland jumping puzzle. Arriving a bit before the main force, several of us where attacking by a enemy who was also trying to gain entry to the vault. While we were in the process of taking him down, the rest of the force arrived and took care of the problem. We moved into the vault area and quickly did the puzzle in order to get some free siege gear for everyone. Now I actually missed the puzzle itself since I fell to my death and had to catch up again, but I arrived at the vault right when the puzzle was all done. Screams for help at the Gandara controlled keep where seen in chat and we made all haste back to the Askalion Hills keep to help out in its defence.

When we arrived we found that the enemy was already inside and had just taken down the north inner gate. We grouped up and went inside to attempt the stop them. It turned out we were just in time. The keep lord did his best to stop the enemy, but he was about to go down and all would be lost then. But all was not lost, with the enemy in a tight corridor and grouped close together and the element of surprise on our side, they where in for a shock. Several minutes of hard fighting showed us still in control of the keep and all the underworld minions vanquished!

With the keep firmly under Gandara control it was time to move on. Our next target was the Stargrove mill, we regrouped outside the keep and moved towards the target. Arriving at the mill we spotted several enemies standing around. As it turned out this was not such a good idea, as soon as we attacked, a massive underworld force fell upon us and all but a few of us were killed. But not deterred by such a kick in the sensitive parts we regrouped for another go, this time we had some help from other Gandara forces and when we arrived at the mill we spotted the force that had ambushed us before!  Overcome with a righteous fury we killed all we could and scattered them to the four winds. We went on to take the mill area, but before we could depart to another destination the underworld forces had regrouped and came at us running up the hill like men (and woman) possessed. We had the advantage of the high ground and with the help of two hastily built arrow carts we not only held out, but wiped out a large portion of the enemy force. Not all of them were dead and a group kept up there defiance on the cliff out of our direct reach. With the help of a portal not unlike those made by the Asura we were able to appear right in the middle of this group and finally defeat the enemy. Right after the fight a supply caravan left towards the Askalion hills keep. We escorted it part of the way, in order to make sure it would not get intercepted and then went for a swim to visit our Quaggan friends. We assisted them and got wet behind the ears (well wet everywhere tbh) in evicting some unwanted guest and in gathering some pearls with them. With swimming class over it was time to pay our first visit of the day to Dawn’s Eyrie.



We noticed a Gandara force moving in to take the tower and the decision was made to support them as best we could. Sceptical about our chances in taking the tower we were surprised to find it almost empty of defenders. In short order the tower was taken and cleared of enemies. Situated right in the underworlds front yard, this tower would come under attack soon. So in all haste we set up equipment to assist in the defence of Dawn’s Eyrie. We had to make several trips to the nearby mill to get enough supply for the construction of the ballistas, arrow carts and trebuchet. We had finished the construction just in time to withstand the first enemy attack and our overwhelming fire power made short work of the attackers.


Attack after attack was repulsed and several times the enemy attempted to build siege equipment on the cliff opposite of the tower. We took some losses among our own equipment, but we soon persuaded the enemy to stop such foolish behaviour. But we did have one problem, we had to replace the equipment we lost and while we had the plans to rebuild them we lacked the supplies to do so. In between attacks a small group of brave members ventured out to the nearby supply camp to get us the items we needed to build up our defences again. During the time they where gone the enemy had set up two trebuchets at the nearby garrison and had started to bombard the walls of Dawns’s Eyrie. The supply run went well until they were ambushed within sight of the tower on the return trip. Hard pressed, but holding, they bought time for us to come to their aid and the ambushers were driven off and the supply secured inside the tower.

Defences rebuild we were ready for the onslaught we knew was coming as soon as the wall went down. It did not take long for the wall to go down, but it did take a long while for the enemy to come out. It appeared we had scared them enough during our previous encounters that they needed some time to gather their courage, apart from some small groups it was all quiet. Until from the west came a large body of enemies, they quickly secured the outside of the tower and wiped out the few Gandara forces that were present. With a large hole in the wall we fell back across a bridge, inside the tower that led to the tower lord. With good coordination between those at the bridge and those manning the siege gear we managed to hold off the enemy for a long time.

They were inside for a good ten minutes now and had not yet managed to get across the bridge until one massive attack opened the door for them. Lone enemies started to get in among us and we had to take them out, this gave the rest the chance they needed to cross the bridge. Seeing as all was lost, those of us that survived fell back towards the rear of the tower with the tower lord, preparing ourselves for a last stand. Sadly not all of us are that heroic and Maejohl took the chance to jump out the back in a attempt to save himself, justice was served right away as he fell to his death! Back in the tower the last survivors were killed and the tower fell to minions from the underworld.


About ten minutes later we experienced a glorious death in the defence of the realm. Vengeful allies from all over Gandara once again took the tower away from the enemy. For me it was time to go, but the event had not yet finished. I want to thank Snap and Maejohl for once again leading a fun event and I hope to experience many more like it.

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  1. Valerion at

    Thanks for taking the time to write down our heroic battles once more, Vorax! :P

  2. Snap
    Snap at

    Love it, good job with the screenshots!

  3. luculus
    luculus at

    [quote=”Vorax”]Sadly not all of us are that heroic and Maejohl took the chance to jump out the back in a attempt to save himself, justice was served right away as he fell to his death![/quote] :lol:

    Great write up as usual Vorax :)

  4. Maejohl at

    I slipped.

  5. subli
    subli at

    I very much enjoyed this event, defending is always fun and the big fight at the supply camp was a major win :)

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