The Orb of Power is secured!

Our most recent WvW guild event has seen Lux Arcana successfully lead the charge to secure the keep and Orb of Power in the Etheron Hills region of the Gandara Borderlands!

Our event started with an intrepid bunch of some 25+ members heading north to defend and secure the supply camps, then pushing west to engage the enemy at the tower of Longview.  Our truly amazing War Officer (ie me) can be seen here, calmly giving orders in a fetching red and purple number…

After an initial setback, we pushed out again and helped to secure the Longview tower before pushing back and attacking a large group of enemies who had breached the outer walls to the Garrison, immediately south of our capital!

We then decided to go for the western keep at Dreaming Bay, successfully trying out a tidy little move using the ‘retalliation’ chant by our glorious leader Valerion, calling all our members together before running into the range of an enemy arrowcart, which foolishly fired at us all and was instantly destroyed by the chant’s effects!

Finally, we decided to go all out and storm the eastern keep in Etheron Hills.  We met up by chance with a group of gallant soldiers who were already attempting to storm the keep’s outermost gates.  Bolstered by our numbers, we all attacked hard and breached the keep’s outer defences.  We made it through and started attacking the inner gate:

A final hard push just as the enemy was starting to swarm amongst us resulted in the Keep’s Lord falling, and the donjon was ours!

Due homage was then paid to the gods as the Orb of Power was moved to its rightful place atop the altar:

We received word that allies were attempting to storm the walls of the enemy tower at Bluelake to the south of our new keep, so we constructed a massive trebuchet to take down the tower’s walls.  Using a mixture of greek fire and biological warfare (a really mootiful sight), we were able to weaken the walls.  Lux Arcana’s courageous soldiers pushed in with their allies and reached the very foot of the tower’s walls and the sun itself came out to smile upon our actions:

Hard battles followed but ultimately our allies and we were successful, the walls fell and the tower was ours!

However at the time of sending you this message, the keep remains barely in our hands and the tower has already fallen.   Our numbers are dwindling and the night has drawn in fast.  A fell noise has been heard upon the winds and a mighty storm has arisen:

They have taken the bridge and the second hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes, drums… drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A shadow lurks in the dark*. We can not get out… they are coming.


* It was Ziggy.

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  1. fionn
    fionn at

    Nice write up Mae. :)

    I can’t wait to see what your next battle outfit will be, you are always so fashionable!

  2. leibnitz
    leibnitz at

    The war machine springs to life and opens up one evil eye…

    You have certainly covered yourselves in so much glory that you’ve become quite gooey.

    Well done everyone!

  3. Saryon at


  4. jackzoltos
    jackzoltos at

    Brilliant! Wish I could have been there.

  5. luculus
    luculus at

    Great write up :)

  6. orbi
    orbi at

    Aaaaah, I am on the photo. :D

  7. kiril
    kiril at

    It was some great fun, great write up, although I do believe you should mention how dashing we all were on the battlefield.

  8. keegar at

    I got to play 1 night this week, and yes I picked the right night to log on. tons of fun. 61 kills and 1 death this night – I fell in love with trebuchets and cannons :D

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