Sale on Guild Wars 2

Hey folks,

I bring to you tidings of savings and of adventures awaiting. Until April 13th 2014 you can purchase Guild Wars 2 at 50% of the original price. That’s just £17.49 GBP (£24.99 for the deluxe edition) for a MMORPG that doesn’t have a subscription and doesn’t require you to purchase any of the content through the in-game shop. A game that offers a constantly evolving world through bi-monthly content updates, completely free. Whether you want a beautifully crafted and breathtaking world to explore or to stand by your comrades against enemy armies or to test your skills in player versus player combat. You can find it in Guild Wars 2 and there hasn’t been a better time than now to see it for yourself

If you have thought about trying out the game then take advantage of this offer and join us here in Lux Arcana on the Gandara (EU) server. We have daily events and an active, mature and friendly community. If you want to know more about what’s coming in the next update to Guild Wars 2, be sure read the other articles here. If you want to grab a hold of this deal while you can, just visit the official site and take the first step in to Tyria.

Lux in Langmar

Lux Arcana is waiting to welcome you to Tyria!

See you soon,


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