sPvP in Guild Wars 2

We have been very active in WvW so far, but not so much in structured PvP, which is ultimately about competetive PvP or e-sports, but also a great way to have some small scale PvP with your character.

To join sPvP, you just press “H” and click on “Go to the heart of the mists” at the bottom. Once in, you will immediately notice you are max level with maxed gear and everything. This is also a great place to explore your character or a possible new character you want to level!

The heart of the mists is a PvP lobby in which you can make and test new builds, or practice your skills.

Heart of the Mists

Build your character

You will start with a default character build for each class. This build is seperate from the build you use outside of sPvP. You can freely modify this in several ways.

First off, you can “buy” new weapon sets for free, changing your available skill set.

Secondly you can purchase another amulet (all other accessories are disabled in WvW) and embed your amulet, armor and weapons with different gems. This modifies all your armor stats and gives you a great deal of customization (i.e. going from burst damage to condition damage or to damage soaker).

And finally you can pick any slot skill and trait you want. Only the racial slot skills have been disabled, to provide a level playing field.

If you do not like your main character so much in sPvP, feel free to make a level 1 character purely for sPvP!


From the mists you can enter two types of sPvP.

Quick Play

This is the regular sPvP game mode. You join it by speaking to the PvP Browser and either selecting a match yourself from the list, or simply hit play now to automatically join a match. The match will last for 10-15 minutes usually and you can leave at any time you wish. After the match is over you will automatically be transported to the new map and the teams will be shuffled.

The rewards for these matches are Glory Points and PvP Rank.

Eventually we should be able to host our own private matches.



These are where the real fun is at. There are free and paid tournaments. In free tournaments you form a party of up to 5 people and join. If you are only 3 people, you will be matched with a random 2 people party and together form a 5 man party. With this party you will play 3 rounds of single elimination with 7 other teams. If you lose round 1 or round 2, you will just start anew, if you win those rounds you will end up in the final against another team. The top 4 teams of a tournament (so win the first round) get a special reward.

There is also paid tournaments. By winning free tournaments you gain tickets that allow you to enter paid tournaments. In these tournaments all 8 teams gain rewards, but the top 4 gain special rewards.

The rewards for these tournaments are Glory Points, PvP Rank, Tournament Tickets and Gear Tokens.

Eventually there should be monthly and yearly tournaments too, and we should be able to host our own private tournaments.



sPvP rewards can be spent on Glory Boosters and cosmetic weapons and armor. You can not actually get better armor or weapons, to always provide a level playing field. You are basically fighting for glory!

Team Paradigm is an example of a team who have done quite well at that – they are one of the better known sPvP teams out there at the moment.

Competitive sPvP

Watching a match of them, it becomes clear why right away: they have clear communication and at one point, instead of finishing off a low opponent they jump on a call to aid right away and chain blind an opponent off their teammate. Teamwork like this is quite something to achieve and hopefully we can get some enthusiastic Luxies on this! This is not just good for sPvP but can also aid our micro teamwork in World versus World.

Join me in sPvP, explore the different maps and learn to play your character!

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