Temple of the Silent Storm

With the introduction of the “Lost Shores” update, lots of new and exciting content has been released. A new sPvP map, called Temple of the Silent Storm, has been added to the list of maps ready for you to play! This new map introduces a new, daring mechanic – read further on to find out more! Much like the already existing sPvP maps, the new battleground consists of 2 spawning areas for both teams and 3 capture points. What’s more interesting is that a new mechanic called “meditation” has been added. This allows a combatant to commune with specified points on the map; this in turn gives the player’s team a boon.

The Temple of the Silent Storm general map including all the points, boons and starting locations for either side.

Capture Nodes:

The 3 capture nodes are called Gate, Altar and Temple. These locations are situated in the south, west and east respectively. 1 point is awarded every 2 seconds if a team is able to hold it uncontested. It is vital that you maintain at least 2 of the capture nodes in order for your team to seize victory!

An image of the capture node situated below a ridge


4 meditation spots are found in the map – each gives a set boon to all of the players in a team. There are 3 boons you can gain, these are stated below:

Meditation of Ferocity gives you a +3 point bonus whenever you slay someone in battle.

Meditation of Stillness awards you double points for capture nodes.

Meditation of Tranquillity transfers control of all 3 capture nodes to your team.

As you can see in the map image above, two meditation spots for the Ferocity boon are given. To begin with both teams should gain the Ferocity boon, but a cleverly placed thief attack can prove to be quite a thorn in their side. The Tranquility boon only occurs once per map (like the keep lord in the Legacy of the Foefire map) and can decide whoever wins – grab it if you can!

Above is an image showing one of the 4 boon locations in the map itself.

Overall, it’s a brilliant edition to the ever-growing sPvP side of GW2! I hope that we will have many good memories fighting in this map together whilst claiming victory in the name of Lux Arcana!

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  1. Valerion at

    Nice article! Does this map also show up in tournament play? :)

    1. Reunen at

      Unfortunately not as far as I can see. You can definitely play it in singular map matches, but I have not come across it in tournaments yet.

  2. Snap
    Snap at

    So is this game mode like the usual first one of the tournaments?

    1. Reunen at

      Yes, it’s like all maps with the exception of the meditation mechanic.

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