The Bizarre Bazaar in Guild Wars 2

“Whaa…… another update?” I hear you saying — yes indeed! Guild Wars 2’s first July update is the Bazaar of the Four Winds. This oriental-themed update is filled with breathtaking scenery mixed in with some tricky jumping requirements in order to complete all the achievements. A large flying ship, called the Zephyr Sanctum, has also touched down in the Bazaar for all to see.

To get to the Bazaar, you must travel by boat from Lion’s Arch (similar to the Lost Shores event). Upon arrival, you will be surrounded by bright lights and a vast amount of merchants selling their goods. You must push forward to try and find out what is happening.


After a while you begin to notice people are performing super-human abilities. You move further into the Bazaar. After traversing the crowded streets, you catch a glimpse of a mysterious person standing next to a crystal.


You inquire as to what the crystal does… you are told to walk into it and receive its power. After feeling a surge of warmth, you progress onwards. You notice an obstacle ahead on the wooden rope bridges. Without thinking, you rush towards it in a brilliant display of light.


The power dissipates after a few seconds. You have cleared the obstruction and are free to move forwards. Before you fully come to terms with what just happened; you see a giant corrupted monster engaged with a small party of adventurers. You lunge forward at the beast with your sword once within range.


When the ogre is inevitably crushed under your strength, you ask the others how this beast ended up in the middle of a market. Before even acknowledging your question, they run off in a frenzy further into the bazaar. You decide to follow them out of curiosity. You lose sight of them when they rush ahead. You do notice however another one of these imbued crystals — this time it glows with a distinct blue colour instead of orange.


The man whispers “jump”. You glance at him in confusion. He says that you must “walk into the crystal and jump into the air”. You try to tell him that it is futile and that you can’t jump that high. He insists that you must jump. You tense your legs and—


You jump to the next level of the bazaar with ease. You feel invincible – you can now jump to all the platforms and ledges in sight. During your ascent you catch a glimpse of a solitary Hylek sitting near a table looking rather drunk. You approach him and ask whether he would like to share a drink with you. He mutters in a self-assured tone that “you could not possibly comprehend the levels of drunkenness I can attain” and says that you must “out-drink all those in each city’s secluded taverns”. He shrugs you off in a superior manner before you can ask what he means.


You notice, while looking down, that you are now extremely high up in the bazaar. Time has slipped by during your journey so far. You hear a strong psssstttt sound directed towards you. You see that there is another mysterious woman with a purple crystal beside her.


You have begun to understand the true power in the crystals. Each crystal has given you an amazing power. You can’t wait to see what the purple crystals holds after infusing yourself with it. Without giving a chance for the woman to speak; you leap across the nearby gap to reach the summit of the bazaar.


You use all your newly-acquired skills to pass the last stretch of the bazaar. In the heat of the excitement, you realise that there is no more to climb. You take a few seconds to collect yourself; it is only then that you look up to see the famous Zephyr Sanctum. Flocks of kites and birds pass by along with a strong gust of wind. You see another rope bridge leading up to the ship — you wonder what lays ahead.


This is where this article ends and your journey in the Bazaar of the Four Winds in Guild Wars 2 starts. Remember, the Zephyr Sanctum will not be here forever! Thanks for reading and see you in-game very soon.

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  1. Valerion at

    Nice article, Reunen.

    Although you forgot to mention the part where most people fall down when they try the jumping skill for the first time. :P

  2. Brad
    Brad at

    Yeah, a ton of people have issues getting through the jumping. I fell several times before finally getting the hang of it. Fun bit of content to get through, though. Hope Anet keeps up with their bi-weekly updates.

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