Toxic Troubles in Guild Wars 2

A strange new alliance between the Nightmare Court and the Krait has arisen in Kessex Hills, a terrifying tower has been revealed in centre of Kessex Hills and spores are being spread across Tyria at a frightening rate. What could this mean? Adventurers from around the world are rallying against this abomination – but will it be enough to stop whatever sinister forces are behind this?

The Tower of Nightmares has awoken.


The sky darkened as the tower was revealed, a maelstrom of evil can be seen.

The tower is spewing out despicable “offshoots” that appear right next to the tower in Kessex Hills and all the way into WvW! Brave souls fight the Toxic Kraits and the Nightmare Court to destroy these dens of evil. People have reported disturbing hallucinations while trying to eradicate these offshoots.


The newly evolved Toxic Krait are swarming Kessex Hills, warriors are tirelessly trying to prevent them ravaging the land.

Marjory Delaqua and Lady Kasmeer Meade have been tasked with coordinating and investigating the cause of this catastrophe. Both of them, who are old acquaintances from the Dragon Bash festival earlier this year, need samples from the offshoots in order to ascertain where these villains came from. The enemy alliance won’t relinquish their secrets easily or quickly – the detectives need as much help as they can get.


Kasmeer (left) and Marjory (right) at base camp in Kessex Hills watching over the tower.

Speculation amongst the Guild Wars 2 community suggests that most people believe that the person behind the Aetherblades, the Molten Alliance and the Clockwork monsters, Scarlet Briar, has something to do with this unlikely pairing between the Krait and the Nightmare Court. Scarlet successfully united the Dredge and the Flame Legion together and attempted to invade the lands of Tyria’s inhabitants. All precautions are being taken by the Lionguard.

Be on the frontlines of the defense today and beat back these invader scum. Guild Wars 2 needs heroic people to perform heroic deeds; share in the glory as the truth behind this horrifying event is uncovered.

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