Mortal Online 2

What is Mortal Online 2?

Mortal Online 2 is a full-loot sandbox PvP MMO. It is a re-write of the first Mortal Online MMO that has been around for over 10 years. Most of the in-game world places, lore, races, features, items etc.. are carried over from the first game but with a massive new world and many improvements as well.

  • Massive open world with no fast travel – can take hours to cross the map
  • Localised economy and regional resources make trade and transportation important
  • Full loot open-world PvP, with 10 NPC cities and towns offering moderate safety
  • Faction loss and criminal flagging provide some consequences to random player killing
  • Entirely skills based system with hundreds of skills and professions
  • Detailed character creation with multiple races and builds to chose
  • Very detailed crafting system with 100k+ combinations
  • Persistant housing, keeps and castles in the wild
  • One world server

This is a true sandbox game where the players will make the content. There is no storyline or questing system. Instead players band together to explore, fight, craft, trade and defend their houses, keeps and castles. Alliances will be made and broken. Fortunes will be won an lost!

Lux Arcana

Lux has been too quiet for the last few years – time for some action!

For a more detailed review check out my Mortal Online 2 Release post.

You can also join us on Discord:

If you are intested in joining, contact Belteyn#1542 on Discord

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