Our Double Norwegian Kickboxing Champion!

Arni, Double Champion of Norway

Our very own Edgar has hit the double again – twice!

Competing in the Norwegian nationals, Edgar fought through to win the gold both in today’s national championships and to come first overall in the ‘league’-based Norges Cup in the ‘lettkontakt’ division.

This was also Edgar’s first defence of both titles, which he secured around about this time last year – so a double result and a double champion!

Well done – and many congratulations indeed!

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Comments (20)

  1. Belteyn at

    Nice one Edgar! well done :)

  2. Snap at

    Congratz champ!

  3. luculus at

    Wow excellent, grats :) Now for MMA :D

  4. Vorax at


  5. ajax at


  6. Zigzag at

    Grats Edgar, you won’t be disowned for at least another year! :)

  7. fionn at

    Nice one Arnie! :)

  8. Maejohl at

    Great work Edgar!

  9. Deesis at


  10. Vinnt at

    Nice one, congratulations! ^_^

  11. Aurelle at

    Well done Edgar!

  12. scarlet at

    Congrats. Did you listen to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ a lot?

  13. adreu at


  14. Keegar at


  15. leita at

    N1 Edgar!!

  16. BartyBurty at

    Barty>Norway :)

    Nicely Done Champ!

  17. zerk at

    congratz edgar!

  18. arathan
    arathan at

    Congrats Edgar

  19. leibnitz at

    Well done! Why is there some old guy getting the bronze medal?

  20. styrr at

    Hold on. Does that mean he’s part of the vanguard for whence people start foulmouthing us with the usual “fite me irl” ?

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