Edgar wins Norwegian Kickboxing Championship

So Proud!


This morning our very own Edgar/Crazyjing won gold medal in the Norwegian finals in the heavyweight class in the lettkontakt (‘light contact’ – ie pulling kicks and punches, all about landing them to score points rather than doing damage…) division, taking the gold medal. He also separately won the league points table overall as well (which adds up all points awarded across the period from the different fight meets), making him Norwegian Champion.

These are two big victories which Edgar has been training incredibly hard for, and at 20, he was fighting guys with 6+ years of experience on him, so this is a really big win for him.

So, many congratulations indeed!

Now time to turn this into ingame prowess in Darkfall!

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Comments (30)

  1. Keegar
    Keegar at

    If only he was as good at in-game PvP *shakes head*

    Big congrats :D

  2. Belteyn at

    Well done Edgar!

  3. adreu
    adreu at


  4. lahmage
    lahmage at

    Big plays

  5. Vorax
    Vorax at

    Grats edgar!

  6. orbi
    orbi at

    Congratulation Edgar

  7. crimson
    crimson at

    woop woop

  8. Reunen
    Reunen at

    Amazing, well done :)

  9. zerk
    zerk at

    awesome edgar! the unorthodox training method of getting girls to kick you in the balls in leuven really paid off :D

  10. elrinasannes
    elrinasannes at

    Grats !

  11. Snap
    Snap at

    Congratz Edgar!

  12. doctorfun
    doctorfun at

    Very cool.
    Congrats and no, it wasn’t me, I swear…. what are you doing? Noooooo!

  13. bootleg
    bootleg at

    Well done :-)

  14. luculus
    luculus at

    Excellent job! Well done :)

  15. thunder
    thunder at

    whoooo gz edgar! :D

  16. greybeard
    greybeard at

    proud of you Edgar

  17. Steluta
    Steluta at

    Gratz :)

  18. scarlet
    scarlet at

    Awesome. Jean Claude Van Edgar!

  19. leita
    leita at

    wow grats!

  20. marciastorm
    marciastorm at

    Wow! Huge grats Edgar!

  21. Valerion
    Valerion at

    Gratz Edgar! :O

  22. varg
    varg at

    Gratz Edgar now you should go and claim championship of K-1 =D

  23. Aurelle at

    That’s terrific, well done Edgar!!!

  24. mptyspace
    mptyspace at

    oh yeaa! well done !!

  25. sanctus
    sanctus at

    Vel gert Árni!

  26. arathan
    arathan at

    Congrats Edgar :)

  27. fionn
    fionn at

    Well done Edgar!

  28. refleax
    refleax at


  29. grimloki
    grimloki at

    Grats Edgar

  30. rhasta
    rhasta at

    Well done!

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