Lux Beta Weekend confirmed a success

On the same wet, December 2012 day that Aventurine chose to launch its online pre-order sales of Darkfall: Unholy Wars, some intrepid Luxies were carrying out a beta test of their own on Leuven – the scene for Lux Arcana’s Spring 2013 Meet-up.

Keegar, Snap, Subli, ZigZag and Maejohl all braved the winter cold in order to ensure that this ancient, University city in the heart of Belgium (surprisingly, only 20  minutes from the Eurostar terminal in Brussels) is ready for the arrival of the Lux hordes in 2 months’ time.  As can be seen from the pictures above and below, all relevant aspects were tested, including the quality of the local hostelries, local beverages and local vittles…

Entertainment facilities in the form of snooker and pool halls were also checked and all received beta tester approval, with those offering full poker sets and Maes beer receiving extra points.  We also ensured that we did not miss out on the (now traditional) Lux Arcana Loyal Toast to the Queen (ie Aurie, not Maejohl) to make sure that the full Tequila Royal Salute can be given at the launch meet-up in March.

Your beta-testers are therefore very pleased to confirm that Leuven is indeed ready for the 7 March 2013 launch and we all look forward to seeing you there – further details of the meet-up can be found here.


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Comments (8)

  1. subli
    subli at

    Keegar’s pokerface did not help him in this beta event, needs patching.

    1. Ivinedra
      Ivinedra at

      We are currently working on that, unfortunatly I cannot give you an ETA – due to external factors. I can however say that it is one of our priorities.

  2. Maejohl at

    So, so true.

  3. lahmage
    lahmage at

    Need more Keegar close ups

  4. Keegar
    Keegar at

    whatever, won twice

  5. thunder
    thunder at

    :D good fun guys :)

    1. thunder
      thunder at

      oh snap just noticed this is the beta weekend! :D

  6. chade
    chade at

    djee I completely forgot abouth the beta :(

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