New Lux Division for Darkfall: Unholy Wars

We are pleased to announce officially that Lux Arcana will be reforming in Darkfall: Unholy Wars!

The game is due to release on November 20th, and our new Featured Game division will be lead by Maejohl who did a fantastic job leading Lux in original Darkfall. Maejohl has yet to finalise his officer team, but as from today Lux will be accepting new applications and signups from existing members.

We have already done a lot of preparation for Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and for us, like for many original Darkfall clans, the release of this game cannot come soon enough. For me personally, Darkfall changed my perception of MMOs for ever, and nothing since has ever really cut it. I really hope that Aventurine get it right this time and we have the most awesome year of gaming ahead of us!

A big thank you also to some of our old Darkfall members that contributed some articles for the new division pages – if anyone wants to contribute news and information please PM Maejohl. We will of course be posting lots more news over the coming 2 months until release.

Lux Arcana’s first ship outside Tughri

Visit our new Darkfall Division home page for further details.

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