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Welcome to the latest Lux Arcana website upgrade in a long line of upgrades since the guild was founded in 2004. Over the years Lux has always been a very forum-centric guild, and although our websites have never been cutting edge graphically, we have always strived to have the best set of features available to support our members. For us information and communication is key in being able to play MMOs effectively as a guild, and therefore having good forums, rosters and statistics to hand is very important.

First Steps…

Although I still look back on our first forums for Everquest II with some nostalgia, in all honesty its the early days of Lux Arcana that I remember most fondly. Everquest II was only my second MMORPG after original Everquest, and having missed the first year in Everquest, the launch of a new game combined with the launch of our guild with so many new online friends was very exciting.

I was still very green in all things web related, so coding my first roster and character profiles that displayed next to posts was a big thing! In fact without doubt it has been my enjoyment and satisfaction working on our guild websites that has in more recent years lead me to take up web development.

Better Features

Not only was our Vanguard website better graphically, but we now had a fully featured roster that auto-updated from the Sony website, user-editable characters database, and a bespoke DKP system that pooled points across multiple Alts. We also had stats and graphs for most aspects of guild activity, a crafting ‘work orders’ web management interface, and a guild awards, points and ranking system.

Later on we also added a Trade Management system for our Darkfall division website.

Integrated Website

In September 2011 we launched the first version of the portal website we have now. At the time our Darkfall and Vanguard divisions were still using separate websites on separate subdomains, so instead of merging them completely I decided to customise phpBB to run several different websites but with one shared set of user accounts. We also created our main portal pages to cater for other games using the theme we have now. For the first time this allowed guild members in each branch to feel part of the same guild by having just one forum account and being able to stay logged in and post on anywhere.

Multi-game Features

With the latest version of our website we are supporting the multi-game concept a step further by introducting a games database. Initially populated with the games we have played, very soon we will enable members to add any number of games they choose from all genres. Members can also vote on games and also indicate in their activity to other members. We also have plans soon to introduce a whole new level of support for PvP games with teams, ladders and tournament management facilities in the coming months. While ‘fluff’ to some, for Lux a fully featured website will always be a priority, as it enables us to organise ourselves better and give us as much support as possible  in the games we play.

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    Not bad…not bad.. :))

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    Wow! thanks for all the hard work!!

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    Tnx belt for all the hard work, you are dong a very good job with the site!!

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    Ah yes the trade page. The ammount of time merchants yelled at people to check the price index:)

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      Good times indeed…. My merchants worked so hard on all of that… :D

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    Really impressive job Belt. It looks so cool now :)

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    Great job Belt, loving it. The history bit was also very welcome, especially for one who has joined less than 1 year ago like me (yes, it’s almost been 1 year!)

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    Really like it =)

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    Looks beautiful. Nice job!

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    You did a great job as always Belt :-)

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