LUX prepares to storm the Official Rust Factions Server!

Rust Political Map


Do you:

  • miss Darkfall?
  • enjoy Rust but feel it’s a bit pointless – just killing players on sight?
  • want meaningful, full loot combat – with regional conflict and politics that matter?
  • Then the Official Rust Factions server could be your thing!

From what our investigations have uncovered, this server has an honour code that (most) players stick with. The main rules are that – except inside radtowns and game structures like the airport and sphere –  you can’t shoot someone without a legitimate reason. Usually because your clan is at war with theirs, or someone’s in your territory and they’ve not left after you’ve told them to.

Clans can’t attack each other without first formally declaring war – by posting the declaration (in a vague ‘RP’ style), and there’s a lot of independent players who have set up shop in one of the neutral, player-made and run cities dotted around the map.

Neutral player city


Once a clan is at war with another, it can try to take over the enemy’s territory by raiding their bases. If you succeed you let the admins know and they update the territory map (see pic at the top of this post).

You’re expected to mark out your area – using signs, walls etc. And to patrol it to make sure only those you’re happy with move onto your land.

Clan city

We’re looking to create a LUX faction to invade this server and stake our own land claim when it wipes next Thursday.

If you’d like to take part, please sign up in this thread.




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