Star Citizen and Lux Arcana

Carrier Attack

I’m pleased to confirm that Lux Elders Council has given us the go ahead to start getting things ready for Star Citizen!

Guilds and Star Citizen

As some of you may already have read (if you are following the game) Star Citizen announced that it will shortly be opening its “Organizations” portal – ie its guild/clan programme. You can read more about it here, but in short organisations will:

  • follow a ‘theme’ of:
    • Corporate
    • Private Military Company
    • Faith (ie a group of players who have come together to follow a single cause – eg Terran freedom fighters)
    • Syndicate (ie pirates/corporations running less than lawful activities), or
    • Organisations – ie guilds with no pre-determined theme/a mix of the above
  • have 6 membership ranks (including the recruit rank) with user-defined rank names
  • have their own membership roles (ie user-defined subgroups of an organisation’s jobs/roles)
  • have their own forums on the RSI site (including own home page, symbol, banner and background), and
  • have their own chat channel/officers chat channel on the RSI site.

Star Citizen’s pre-testing of organisations is slated to go live before Christmas.

Importantly, membership of an organisation on the RSI site will transition to in-game organisation membership.

Idris Bridge

Star Citizen release schedule

Star Citizen as an MMO is still ~2 years away from release, and for those who somehow did not know, it has raised $34M so far (and rising) from crowdfunding and is not being funded by publishers etc, so the developers have complete free reign to create the game that they (and hopefully we) are wanting to play.  However, it is also being released in stages – mostly to maintain a decent burn of hype (and so create income).  We already have hangars that we can walk (or drive) around and we can see/get into/walk around most of the ships that have been available to purchase. Upcoming stages that we know of are:

  • a shooting range to test out ship weapons (probably released before Christmas)
  • the alpha dogfight module (probably ~February/March)
  • the planet-side social module, ie go down to a city surface, walk into a bar and chat to other players (~April?), and
  • the single-player (later, co-op) ‘Squadron 42‘ game which will introduce us to the Star Citizen universe in story chunks released every month or so (~Summer 2014)

So, whilst the actual MMO is a couple of years off, there will be enough things for players to be doing to give them a sense of ownership and therefore perhaps a desire to already belong to an organisation to experience these things with others.  Lux already has 20+ of its existing members who have bought ships and will be playing at launch.

The Lux Arcana Armada

What next?

We’re going to be getting ourselves ready over the coming days for the Star Citizen ‘Organisations’ launch, so keep an eye out on our forums where we’ll be posting further information as we get closer!



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