First Guild Challenge Completed!

By Valerion » Thu May 09, 2013

Yesterday Lux Arcana completed their first Guild Challenge Mission! Defeating a champion ogre and two of his devourer pets at the same time proved no challenge to us! [...]

A week in Lux Arcana

By Valerion » Tue Feb 05, 2013

To give everyone a feeling of what it is like in Lux Arcana, we present you with a short history of all the activities we did last week: Monday We usually start the week [...]

Lux Arcana Completes Lion’s Arch Jumping Puzzle

By Valerion » Sun Aug 26, 2012

At the first day of the pre-release, Lux Arcana organized an exploration event in Lion’s Arch. We did the two jumping puzzles, yielding an achievement and a nice chest at the end of each! There were [...]