Making Agon a more dangerous place

Making Agon a more dangerous place

By Keegar » Tue Oct 16, 2012

Lux Imperium is a group within Lux Arcana for our core PvP’ers. Do you love PvP above anything in the game and are you constantly looking to improve yourself and your teamplay? Then this [...]

Lux Arcana reaches 50 signups for DF:UW

By Maejohl » Fri Oct 12, 2012

Today we’ve reached a significant milestone in our preparations, with 50 players (a mixture of old members and new recruits) having now signed up to join Lux Arcana in Darkfall: Unholy Wars! It’s really [...]

Lux Imperium Returns

By Keegar » Thu Sep 27, 2012

One of the great things many Lux members will tell you about our gaming community is the really wide variety of players in it. We don’t just cater to one playstyle but to multiple, [...]

Heralding the thrills – Darkfall: Unholy Wars

Heralding the thrills – Darkfall: Unholy Wars

By Snap » Wed Sep 26, 2012

Some people might wonder why Darfkall was so exciting, why it was so involving.  In this article (using some slightly tongue-in-cheek RP speak…) I hope I can show you how complex, thrilling and ‘sandbox’ [...]

Darkfall: Unholy Wars – The Impending Storm

By Maejohl » Wed Sep 19, 2012

20 November 2012 will see Lux Arcana’s long-awaited arrival into the new world of Agon – something we have been looking forward to since leaving ‘Darkfall 1.0′ in November 2011. Having won a “Best [...]