A week in Lux Arcana

By Valerion » Tue Feb 05, 2013

To give everyone a feeling of what it is like in Lux Arcana, we present you with a short history of all the activities we did last week: Monday We usually start the week [...]

Last stand at Dawn’s Eyrie

By Vorax » Mon Oct 08, 2012

This event took us to the Underworld borderlands server, some of us took longer to get there than others, but we all managed to get on eventually. We were facing an endless stream of [...]

Battle for Sunnyhill

By Vorax » Tue Oct 02, 2012

On the afternoon of Saturday September 22 the valiant vanguard of Lux Arcana descended Baruch Bay borderlands to fight for the glory of Gandara. Under the inspirational (and sometimes suicidal) leadership of Maejohl and Agent Ziggie, [...]

The Orb of Power is secured!

By Maejohl » Fri Aug 31, 2012

Our most recent WvW guild event has seen Lux Arcana successfully lead the charge to secure the keep and Orb of Power in the Etheron Hills region of the Gandara Borderlands! Our event started [...]

Call to arms! Lux Arcana takes its first keep

By Maejohl » Wed Aug 29, 2012

We today claimed our first keep in the Desolation Borderlands map in World v World! Well done everyone who was there – a really good time was had by all, with some amazingly fierce [...]